Technology debunked!!

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Technology is still very much the conduit for a lot of innovative practice and opportunity today. The difference is that it no longer has to be the “techy” technology that excludes your average Jo! It is exciting to think what will it look like in the coming years, no doubt it will become even more transparent, maybe unseen or at least taken for granted. I look forward to the time when we can drop the “e’s”  and “cyber” terms, eLearning can just be Learning and we acknowledge things like “cyberbullying” as just what it is – bullying!

My title at work is “ICT facilitator” but my role is actually just about learning and exploring engaging innovative practice. Yes, technology plays a big part in this but it is becoming so much more accessible and transparent and we are moving towards the fact (finally!) that use of technology in the classroom is just a given! I look forward to not having ICT explicitly in my title!

Whoohoo My Parents get a smartphone!

For years I have wrestled with the task of getting my parents to be comfortable using their computer. The fact is that they needed to write down every step and it was not intuitive to them! Recently my brother encouraged them to get an iPhone and it has absolutely revolutionised their attitude. They have found their feet! They are not scared of the thing and they enjoy using it to communicate, share and enjoy interactions more effectively. It is exciting to watch! Now it just happens that the device they have is also an awesome camera, email client and web browser and it is more powerful than the computer that they have at home! Now my point is this, they don’t think that they are using technology while they are using it! It has empowered them and given them voice! This is the world we live in, it is only getting simpler and it is exciting!!

Technology Debunked!

Technology Debunked!

Just get to the task!

I can remember hating computers not that long ago really! I wanted to be able to use them but I drove me crazy that the folk who knew how to use them took pride in being the gatekeepers of knowledge (and not opening the gates!)  They had no desire to let others into their group or they did not possess the skills to explain how to use computers. Thank goodness things have changed!

Recently we were extremely fortunate to be able to give our teachers iPads as a tool. iPads continue to get easier and easier to use as do the whole range of these slate type devices. It excites me no end to see teachers that have historically found using technology a complete chore excitedly telling me of  things they have been able to do and create!! How cool it is to get to the task without having to be an IT guru!

People that are technologically inclined can continue to power on and do things that are beyond amazing but the fact that everyone else can do amazing things is what is really exciting!


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4 Responses to “Technology debunked!!”

  1. Sean Corcoran says:

    It seems like it is all about that first step – or click. Once people can get to the info, then they are more likely to use it personally or professionally. The beauty of saved shortcuts….

    • rolfekolbe says:

      Thanks Sean, I agree, it is all about making a start. I love that it is so much easier to make a start now. Excuses for not using technology effectively are running out!!!

  2. Jeannette James says:

    Howdy Rolfe,
    Love that your Dad is able to take the plunge into his grandkids spaces! #valuable What an awesome way to keep connected as they travel through the teenage years. Having a go is the simple key. Persistence and willingness to play keeps the door open.

    • rolfekolbe says:

      Thanks Jeannette, it is so great for everyone. Exciting how easily accessible a lot of things are now. I like #valuable!

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