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The best camera is the one you have! Yes a smartphone usually does not have a zoom but the quality of images and the ability to edit them quite neatly, all on the one device is pretty cool!

It is no secret that I like to take photos on my iPhone despite having a good Digital SLR camera!! The justification has just come about when I printed a whole lot of 8×8 prints and mounted and framed them in our house. Most of the photos were instagram prints and actually could have been printed 4 times larger at full quality at 16×16 (40cmx40cm) Now realistically it is not often that you need to print larger than this so that ticks the box for me! As smartphones get better this will only increase!

The Gallery:

There is over 9 meters of 20cm square frieze photos in our house and here is the process for how it came about. Many of the photos were instagram photos so firstly it is worth noting that the photo instagram uploads is a lower quality version (612pxx612px) but the one that is uploaded to your photo roll is nearly 4 times larger at 2048px square for my iPhone 4S (read more for your device)

Part of the framing in the entrance area.

InstaGallery Kolbe Back Corner

The back corner between with windows each side.

InstaGallery Kolbe Entrance Wall

Photos along one wall as you enter the main room.

instagallery Feature Gallery OPEN!

Gallery Open! Phase 1!

The Process:

- getting all the photos together, 80 photos in my case! was a huge job! ( See the best of the photos here )
- For my space I chose to do 8×8 prints on matt paper ($1.25 per print!)
- the prints were stuck to white 5mm foam core with double sided tape and cut out as individual prints with a sharp Stanley knife, a good square and cutting mats.
- The framing was made using 18mm square  dressed timber. I routed out the back edge with a 10mm x 3mm groove for the photos to slide into. The timber was cut to squeeze in tightly then sealed and painted. The timber was then drilled, countersunk and screwed into the studs of the wall with the bottom at 1400mm above the floor.

Creative Commons Photos!!:

NOTE: all photos are available Via Creative Commons Attribution on Flickr user name RolfeKolbe You can use them as you want just attribute them with a link to the original. Likewise feel free to print them for your own use! Send me details if they have worked well for you.


Keep checking the flickr account as new prints are added.
New photos will be added a little later as the gallery gets refreshed!
A YouTube video will come with a bit more detail on making your own frames!

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  1. Helen says:

    looks even better in real life! Great job champion :-)

    • rolfekolbe says:

      Thanks Helen, I look forward to showcasing the next phases and the “spill” into the garden! Our garden “City Escape” is open as part of Open Garden Australia in May so there is my next deadline! Check the info here!

  2. Eric says:

    That is an amazing way to celebrate your photography! Thank you for sharing such a great way to decorate your room, Rolfe

  3. Brenda says:

    Hi Rolfe

    I Love what you have done and am now inspired to create something for my class around our unit ‘survival’.

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