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I love the ability to create content these days, and not just content but quality content. My choice of devices to do all this stuff is Apple, why? because they were first to have devices doing it consistently and easily at scale. It continues to become easier and I continue to enjoy. Here is a nice little 2min video that highlights some of the power of Apple devices in creating content. It was partĀ of a submission to become an Apple Distinguished Educator for 2013. I hope they like it!
UPDATED: Unsuccessful, Whoah that was a lot of work!!

Details of how the apps used in making the video will follow sometime over these holidays (catch up time!)
Video Details:
This short 2 minute (exact) clip was made as part of an application to be an Apple Distinguished Educator ADE for 2013. The video was made using an iPhone, iPad and an 11 inch MacBookAir. The overlay was created using green screen in iMovie on my MacBook air, the written text was created using notability app. Many of the graphics were created using keynote. The music was made on Garageband, the movies made with iMovie on the iPad and on the Mac. The short little clips were made with PuppetPals and Explain Everything (my weapon of choice for so much!!) Two minutes does not leave a lot of time to cover much more ground but hopefully you will find it to be a nice little taster. Stay posted for more by following me on twitter @rolfek ENJOY!!
PS iPads (and advices) are not just content consumption devices

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  1. Clive Parkin says:

    Great work Rolfe! I would also look to highlight how ‘quick’ the process was. Having viewers appreciate that “they too” can get a look like this in only X time is worth promoting.
    Have a great break!

    • rolfekolbe says:

      Thanks Clive. Trying to cover so much content in a 2 minute video took me a huge amount of time BUT!!! I am going to create individual tutorials for each of the apps. These tutorials will include tips, tricks and shortcuts for getting it to all work efficiently with options to “got the extra mile” Stay posted!

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